One Hot Meal for

Senior & Disabled Individuals

We donate some of our income to prepare “One Hot Meal” for senior or disabled individuals with low income who have lost the ability to work and support themselves.

Some organizations help us to find them around us and the numbers of eligible people growing fast.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t have any family close by to keep checking on them, or help them do shopping and cooking. It’s hard for them to go to grocery stores, and it’s even harder for them to cook for themselves. Most of the time, they eat non-nutritious frozen food. Weeks go by, and they don’t get a proper hot, nutritious meal or have someone check on her. Without nutritious food, they have various vitamin deficiencies, which worsen their health.

Please support us “Even One Dollar” to send “One Hot Meal” for more individuals and help them living healthier and happier.

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